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Who we are

Zameen Developments Pvt. Ltd is EMPG’s real estate development arm, working in synergy with its concern (Zameen Media Pvt. Ltd). Utilizing the knowledge accumulated by the extensive network of its parent group EMPG, Zameen Developments aspires to lead a sweeping change in Pakistan’s real estate development.

Our Mission

To be the real estate developer of choice for customers, investors, realtors and talented professionals who value relationships, believe in superior work and community impact. By achieving this, Zameen Developments benefits stakeholders, customers and the landscape in which it operates – building equity whilst creating successful communities. Endeavoring to create developments that make a significant improvement in people’s lives and generating opportunities through creativity, quality, ingenuity and enterprise.

Our Passion

To develop and deliver unique, integrated lifestyles and urban environmentalists that meet high standards through focus on research, functional architecture, strong project execution and customer-centric approach; generating return for investors and value for customers, while providing the tools to our employees to realize their potential.  We are committed to create and deliver valuable and quality developments which aims to guarantee stakeholders’ satisfaction.


At Zameen Developments we are constantly pursuing growth opportunities nationwide. We seek to acquire lands with potential to create value. Locations are selected with optimized land-use in mind. It is also ensured that all documentation required for a clean title is in order, NOCs are available from relevant authorities, complete clarity is achieved on the applicable building bylaws and that the land is free from any existing & potential legal or possession issues.

Joint Ventures

Zameen Developments considers JV partnerships as a crucial platform from which investors, developers and land owners can earn lucrative profits & share rewards. We are essentially interested in initiating joint venture projects that encompass the formulation of an effective business model and require investments. Zameen’s investment will entirely remodel and revamp land; yielding maximized profits, generating advance economic activity and boosting the value of the land. By formulating joint venture partnership, our partners can be rest assured of receiving handsome returns on investments.


Based on our conscientious research, primarily through, Zameen Developments welcomes potential investors to invest in projects, which anticipate promising lucrative returns on investments. Our analytics highlights include searches, indexes, customized market reports, comprehensive pricing models, pipeline summaries and ongoing buyer profiles to track who is buying what, where and why. These factors enable us to identify the best possible lands available in the country that can render excellent results in the form of maximised profitability for our clients.

Research & Analytics

Research & Analytics

At Zameen Developments we believe that research is a stepping-stone for real estate development. By affirming this principle, our experts engage in methodical, comprehensive and creative research through accumulation of knowledge, which is crucial for real estate projects. We employ rigorous techniques to verify facts, build hypothesis, solve new and existing problems.



After the accumulation of adequate information and particular site selection, we are equipped to delve deeply into the capacity of the project. This is where steps are taken to meet legal requirements and determine potential risks and advantages involving examination of zoning restrictions, potential liens and possible encroachments on the property.

Analysis & Feasibility

Analysis & Feasibility

Real estate market feasibility studies examine market indicators and property metrics to create a comprehensive assessment. A comprehensive feasibility is indispensable in highlighting the potential advantages and drawbacks of a project. In nutshell, the analysis will weigh the anticipated future benefits against expected future costs of the planned real estate development project.


Planning & Design

Property development, analysis and concept creation processes remain very much our forte. Our prolific team works with deep focus, retaining flair for meticulous planning and creation of innovative designs. Planning services include a new building study, site study and master planning, disposition study, landscape changes and infrastructure needs. Our architectural engineers design buildings intended for residence, office space, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and commercial real estate.

Project Development

Project Development

Our forte lies in employing the best contractors, experts, architects culminating in the creation of impeccable final product; moving into and getting the project built for you.


Monitoring & Supervision

Ensuring project’s progression in keeping with anticipated timelines vis a vis key benchmarks and performance indicators is our priority, our expertise in top supervision and monitoring continuously endeavors quality control with par excellence workmanship.

sales marketing

Sales & Marketing

We go to great lengths to ensure that the sales and marketing for you project is ideal and timely – from a customized marketing mix that makes sense to sales targets that speak for themselves. Our marketing and sales strategies will bolster the market value of your project.

Completion & Beyond

Completion & Beyond

At Zameen Developments we believe in making sure that the projects are not only built well but they continue to serve as monuments to our company ethos of integrity, understanding and intelligence. In this way, we not only build the best but maintain and manage them so that they remain sustainable and worthy as envisioned.

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